Aṣẹ and welcome to the Culture Witch!

The Culture Witch mission is to provide spiritual healing practiced by ancient cultures that aide in emotional health & wellness.  Using ethically-sourced organic, natural products along with showcasing POC artisans, the vision of Culture Witch is to gather a global network of cultural healers and those interested in learning & respectfully sharing an Earth-conscious way of life.

Amid my early twenties, I was thrust into a world of spirituality that I never knew existed.  The choice didn't seem to be mine, but it turned out to be the most aligned with my heart and soul.  I was an avid astrology learner from youth and always found enjoyment in learning the healing arts.  But it wasn't until recently that I was able to draw parallels between astrology, archetypes, emotions & behavior patterns to better understand the human condition. 

Now with the way the world has turned in 2020, I have been called to unlock the Lioness I've kept hidden in my Twelfth House [5 PLANETS IN LEO] and finally express the knowledge I have discovered and need to share.  Astrology is my main tool of prediction.  It is a cosmic science that has been studied across the globe for thousands of years.  It is no secret that some of the most impactful events in history have been predicted in astrology.  My service through the tools of astrology, The Culture Witch podcast, and IAMSACREDCOLLECTIVE Full Moon calls is to aid individuals who are looking for an alternative method to find their soul path, discover who they truly are & to better understand mental, emotional and behavioral patterns that block one from achieving their highest state of Enlightenment.  

The Culture Witch supports businesses, policies, and politicians that aim to restore balance and help create systems that deliver shared prosperity on a thriving planet.

Thank you for visiting and hope that you will join the Culture Witch Tribe. 

In Light & Love,

Goddess Meya

The Culture Witch



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